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  • TVI 24

    Watch TVI's report of Playstation Awards, covering all the event and meet the games disputing the prizes.

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  • Antena 1

    Antena 1's radio program "Os dias depois de amanhã" interviewed Dobsware in a special program about our startup. The interview in portuguese.

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  • Playstation Awards

    We proudly announce that Dobsware's Roadsheep is one of 10 Playstation Awards finalist!

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  • We're on the news

    Dobsware finished 2015 with great news! :)

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  • Booklet Oficial

    Portugal has many creative and competent people in the areas related to game development to sustain its growing industry. The increasing options, quality of education programs, the growing experience and recent success of established developers is creating a promising ecosystem for new young developers [...]

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  • Telejornal Madeira

    Dobsware was interviewed by "RTP Madeira" for "Telejornal Madeira", check the full interview on "RTP Play" at 20:30.

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  • Cidade do Empreenderor

    Dobsware participated at "Cidade do Emprendedor 2015" watch the full presentation on "Vídeos da Minha Terra" at 6:30.

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  • Nem Mais Nem Menos

    Dobsware was interviewed by "RTP Madeira" for "Nem Mais Nem Menos", about inovation and development, check the full interview on "RTP Play".